ÜBERWOOD® is Ewald’s latest achievement. It represents our idea of genuine naturalness for skin & hair in a young, fresh and different way. How do we manage this? We use the age-old potency of the pine for ÜBERWOOD® and apply our expertise to turn this into modern products for skin and hair.

Because the pine is able to do more.

More than 300 million years old, the pine has abilities we may constantly learn and daily benefit from. Its heartwood develops something very special: substances, some of them germicidal, which strengthen and protect the tree from inside.

Pine heartwood

The pine heartwood contains about 80 individual substances including flavanoids, ethereal oils, amino acids and trace elements as supportive active substances. Studies have shown that this wood has antibacterial properties. We have finally exploited this potency for you. The pine heartwood extract contained in all ÜBERWOOD® products will protect and nurture the scalp. It soothes irritated and stressed skin and strengthens the skin’s own protective barrier.

The extract is purely plant-based and does not contain any additives. This is achieved by applying a complex, patented process for the extraction of the active ingredients from the pine heartwood. The best for you from the best of the pine!

Natural. Ecological. Convincing.

The ÜBERWOOD® brand represents a holistic and sustainable approach from the contents to the packaging. True beauty is always a question of naturalness. We are acting with clear awareness of the wishes of humans and nature. Through the intelligent use of natural forces and through considerate handling of resources we give you and us a chance to make a statement; ‘YES, I live in conscious harmony with myself and the environment. YES, I enjoy every moment of it!’

But we do not just talk about it; we want to make a difference. Therefore ÜBERWOOD® meets the advanced requirements for sustainability and ecology in practice as well. We use the renewable strength of our local woods for the packaging because processing pine and coniferous wood significantly reduces the amount of crude oil required for the production. And apart from that, a unique material has been created: The Polywood!

Great benefits to you and the environment:

  • Wood as part of the packaging saves up to 40% in crude oil.
  • The timbers used are from sustainable forestry.
  • The packaging contains bactericide pine heartwood.