Frequently asked questions about ÜBERWOOD®

What’s the purpose of silicones in shampoos and why does ÜBERWOOD® go without them?

Silicones are used to make the hair easier to manage after shampooing. They leave the hair more silky, supple and shiny. In addition to this, silicones weighting the hair, forming a kind of protective film around each hair. Unlike vegetable oils, silicones do not deliver any caring substances. As a result, caring substances often have to be added as well to shampoos containing silicones to produce more than a short-lived, superficial effect. If used frequently, shampoos with silicones can create a so-called “build-up” effect. The hair is, so to speak, sealed off and can absorb the caring substances only with great difficulty. Also, silicones contaminate the environment. Every day, masses of silicone-containing care products are flushed down the drain and transported to the sewage treatment plant from where residual matter is often indirectly led into rivers, lakes and into our groundwater.

This is why ÜBERWOOD® relies on the force of nature and the natural ingredients of pine heartwood, the walnut, rice germ, wheat and coconut oil-based surfactants for the sake of your skin, your hair and our environment.

What are parabens and why ÜBERWOOD® is not using them?

Parabens are preservatives which are used in cosmetic products and even in some foodstuffs. The structure of parabens is very similar to that of the female sexual hormone estrogen. For this reason it is suspected that parabens may have a significant effect on the hormonal balance in humans.The recent studies are suggesting this. Actual damage to health could not yet been proven because of a lack of long-time studies. So the use of parabens involves at least a certain risk. 

We will not wait and see what these studies reveal – ÜBERWOOD® simply goes without parabens!

What is polywood and why ÜBERWOOD® is using it in the packaging?

Polywood is a thermoplastic compound with natural fibres – in our case it is wood. These natural fibres are coupled to the polymer by a special process. The good properties of conventional packaging material are fully maintained. The decisive advantage is, of course, the conservation of fossil resources. The ÜBERWOOD® packaging requires up to 40 % less crude oil than conventional packaging. This gap is filled with wood that is cut by practicing sustainable forestry, which means that wood cutting does not exceed wood regrowth. That’s reason enough for us to go this step and make a statement.

Animal ingredients in cosmetics – well, why?

Besides parabens, colorants, and silicones in shampoos, ÜBERWOOD® does not use animal ingredients. And this is anything but a disadvantage because there is exactly one reason for the use of animal ingredients in care products: they are cheap. Animal ingredients are by-products of the meat, skin, wool, milk, egg or fish production and resold by the producers. Animal ingredients are by no means better than natural ingredients. This is why we say No to an industry that exploits animals in an unbearable way.