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The strong care innovation

Hair care can be so easy. By bringing back our attention to nature and its strengths a new naturalness has emerged for skin & hair. The ÜBERWOOD® hair care products stand for this naturalness. Thanks to the natural ingredients of pine heartwood, rice germ, wheat and coconut oil-based surfactants every shampooing becomes a pleasant experience.

What distinguishes ÜBERWOOD®

ÜBERWOOD® represents a holistic and sustainable approach from the contents to the packaging.

Good products start with the first ideas. We therefore followed our wish for a natural care for skin & hair, with the pine being our greatest ally. We use its power in the form of the pine heartwood extract that strengthens the skin’s own protective barrier and is contained in all our products.

We work holistically and are committed to the sustainable use of resources. This is why we use the renewable strength of our local woods for the packaging as well. By using wood in the packaging we save up to 40% in crude oil.

The ÜBERWOOD® brand stands for our striving for the harmony of human beings and the environment.

  • WITHOUT silicones
  • WITHOUT parabens
  • WITHOUT colorants
  • WITHOUT animal ingredients (vegan)
  • CERTIFICIED natural cosmetic (NATRUE)
  • WITH resource-conserving packaging (saves up to 40% in crude oil thanks to wood)

Your well-being is important to us because your pleasure is our success. Therefore all our shampoos contain only mild surfactants and have a skin-neutral pH (6). The ÜBERWOOD® shampoos are suitable for all types of skin, in particular for sensitive skin.